piątek, 14 czerwca 2013 10:21

Turkey`s fig harvest info

The female fig trees have been started to transaction by the so-called bee male figs hang over the trees in nets. It seems bee ratio is very high on male fig trees for this year and we are happy because it seems that we will have good quality fruits if there would'nt be a natural disaster.

There was a natural disaster because of heavy rains in grape fields. Prices will be high and number of pieces in 100 grs. can be changed. Fruits will be bigger. If demand for fresh grapes increase this will also increase prices of sultanas raisins.

Even there is lack of product for dried apricots we will find every size but prices will not drop and remains the same. It seems that nr.0-1-2 will be much more than last year, nr.4-5 will be moderate and nr.6-7-8 will be fewer. Big sizes will close the tonnage gap compare to last year.

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